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Hydration Know How

Taking the right amount of fluids on board is essential for effective recovery from a workout. It's something that may get forgotten in the hustle and bustle of your exercise or working day, so here are some pointers to remember. The minimum recommended intake of...

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What is Functional Training?

Functional training can be defined as any form of exercise that prepares someone for the duties they perform daily. This form of training has foundations from rehabilitation centres, where patients had to re-learn how to carry out movements after injury or illness....

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Escape Fitness Joins the Fittr Family

Fittr are proud to announce that a successful agreement has been reached to become the exclusive retailers of Escape Fitness products in Ireland. Escape Fitness were founded in 1997 and have its UK base in Peterborough, but have also expanded to the USA, Germany and...

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Why Have a Service Contract at the Gym?

Warranties cover the parts and any labour costs to fix the issue with a machine but its always worth taking out a service contract. By doing so, you can keep the equipment in tip-top condition and lengthen the lifetime of the equipment.  Many people are used to...

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Illness Prevention at the Gym

The winter season is winding down, and the summer months are fast approaching. That doesn't mean you should take liberties with your wellbeing when working out. Catching the flu or other illness can disrupt your gym programme until you recover. Even then, you will...

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What We Do

  We give you the best fitness advice based on your needs, goals and budget. We offer customers the best equipment and service in the industry for the best price. It's as simple as that. From start to finish, Fittr work with you with the end result in mind. Our...

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