Escape Fitness have the know-how when it comes to gym design and customisation. Their motto ‘Escape Your Limits’ is especially apparent when it comes to fitness facility building –  there is no settling for the same old tired concepts. From the smallest room to the largest facility, Escape Fitness will prepare the best possible solution and equip your space with their range of fantastic products. Not only that, they will consult with you every step of the way and provide you with their 2D and 3D concept designs so your dream gym area won’t be a hassle to construct (see more below).

Read on for some completed projects ranging from premiere gyms to university facilities.

The Anytime Fitness chain offers 24/7 affordable gym access to its members so they can work out whenever they like. Over 2.5 million members have access into all of the Anytime Fitness franchise clubs around the world, so there are no more excuses to skip workouts. Specific zones give members the opportunity to excel in a variety of training types, from functional to free weight and boxing to Group X. This has allowed them to supersede their original desired results, and creates an excellent feeling of community throughout the gym. Personal trainers are relishing the opportunity of introducing new functional equipment to sessions

Brandshatch Place Hotel and Spa is one of 20 heritage country house properties within the Hand Picked Hotel chain, and one of nine which currently offer health club and spa facilities. By lowering the ceiling we created a vibrant space that was as far removed from a squash court as possible. The transformation effectively doubled the available gym floor space and the colourful and bright fitness equipment, including Corebags®, Plyoboxes, Medicine Balls and Studio Kettlebells, has added to the welcoming environment, resulting in a dramatic uptake in membership.

Kent Sports Centre serves the University of Kent, providing functional fitness facilities for students and staff as well as the general public. We installed a custom yellow and black Escape Octagon™ functional fitness rig to complement the Strength Suite’s industrial feel. This was then matched with Escape’s yellow and black Tech Sport flooring to create a clear functional zone within the Strength Suite. The end result is a functional fitness area that incorporates Speed, Crossfit, Olympic lifting, Plyometrics and Agility equipment that caters to all users.

Cardio Fitness offers a monthly membership to the people of Amsterdam which gives them the opportunity to select a different rate, based on what they want from their club. An Escape Octagon, with a bespoke hand brushed finish, was installed into the Cardio Fitness club along with all the attachments necessary to create a dynamic and exciting single-station cross training solution. Six 1.5m docks were added to the Octagon to provide points for suspension training, leading to three hub storage walls to store functional training equipment or free weights.

Escape Fitness know that the right design for your gym can revolutionise your appeal and your revenue potential. You will be able to attract and retain the best Personal Trainers. You will have more people attending and telling their friends about your gym.

The design of your facility needs to work for you, your staff and trainers, and for your members and customers. Good design enables members and trainers to operate safely and workout hard in well equipped, specific areas.

Escape’s advanced team of visualisation and gym design experts can help you achieve this, no matter what the size of your club. From specific flooring zones, to challenging functional training areas and sprint tracks, Escape have the know how to provide a gym experience that really works. Better still, they will create complete 3D visualisations of your facility so you know exactly how it will look on completion. Then the specialist team of installers will ensure the 3D designs are realised to the highest standards.

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