Power Plate® pro5 AIRdaptive™ HP

Designed for Performance

The Power Plate® pro5 AIRdaptive™ High Performance model can help elite athletes gain that crucial competitive edge. If offers 20% great engine output than any other pro series machine, and AIRdaptive functionality, allowing users to add more load to increase intensity.


Power Plate® Pro5™

Form and Function

A proven success in fitness, wellness, beauty, sports and rehabiltation centres around the world, the pro5 model is equally suitable as a home fitness solution. The culmination of years of research and development, it combines technology, performance and functionality with sophisticated design.


Power Plate Pro7

The most advanced Power Plate is now the easiest to use.

Complete with customised programmes and exercise videos—the Power Plate pro7 is the remarkable new exercise machine that will set your facility apart from the rest. In addition to our Advanced Vibration Technology™, the pro7 features an integrated touch screen computer complete with coaching tips to guide your members. With proMOTION dynamic cables embedded into the largest Power Plate platform yet, training on the pro7 is limitless.

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