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Powerful tools that interact with Life Fitness equipment allow facilities to make the most out of their business.
Technology maximise
Detailed product data provides a roadmap for smart, cost-saving business decisions. Creating new revenue streams and opportunities for growth with your existing equipment is essential. Learning details about your equipment usage provides valuable insights. Save on maintenance and energy costs. Promote your own facility

How It Works shows that between 4:30 and 7:30 p.m., nearly all of the treadmills are occupied, but a few cross-trainers are available. Consider replacing some cross-trainers with treadmills, or moving cross-trainers to an area near the busy treadmills.

Standing out is the best way to retain exercisers and attract new ones. Facilities that offer exercisers the same state-of-the-art technology that they use in their everyday lives have a distinct advantage over those that don’t.

  • Customize and evolve your brand
  • Communicate and inform your exercisers and create a community
How It Works

Use the customizable home screen of Discover consoles to build your brand by showing your facility and logo and to let exercisers know about facility events, news, and programs that drive secondary revenue.

Technology engage
When exercisers feel connected to their club, the equipment they use, and other exercisers, they spend more time at the gym. Life Fitness solutions provide the interaction that makes it easier for exercisers to track their fitness success and enjoy their time at the facility more. When exercisers succeed with their health goals, they keep coming back to your facility.

  • Workout tracking/sharing helps members reach fitness goals
  • Entertainment like TV, Internet, apps and more keep exercisers motivated
How It Works

Exercisers can use the popular third-party apps they’re familiar with like Lose It!, RunSocial, SoFit and Runtastic to stay motivated and engaged during a workout.

Life Fitness Digital Solutions

DETAILEd equipment data

Detailed equipment data

Learn from Your Cardio Machines: Monitor equipment usage through and wireless connection. View peak exercise times and learn what equipment is used the most. Information like that makes it easy to rotate equipment, and keep exercisers moving. Connect Your Entire Cardio Portfolio: Detailed asset management helps prolong the life of equipment and offers valuable information about exerciser habits. Life Fitness is the only manufacturer that provides connectivity across all of its cardio lines. Easy Equipment Management: Facilities can conveniently manage configuration settings for multiple cardio pieces from, without manually updating via USB.

Customize your Equipment

Customize your Equipment

Facilities can build brand loyalty with several customization choices on Add logos, messages and background to console screens, or promote custom workouts that keep exercisers motivated. Home Screens: Add branding and messaging to Discover Tablet Consoles. Promote facility news, events, classes or even incentives to your members. Entertainment: Name TV channels to make them easy to find by exercisers. Create website quick links to promote your facility or other sites. Workouts: Let exercisers choose custom workouts created by your personal trainers. You can add up to nine custom workouts to each console.

Software Release Center

Get information and software upates for consoles found on home and facility cardio equipment,, and the LFconnect exerciser app.

Premium Consoles and Attachable TVs

Attachable Tvs 2

Vivid Screen

The HD 1080p 15” screen featuring an anti-glare coating.

Easy Entertainment

Built-in TV controls allow access to 1000 available channels.

Optimal Viewing Angle

Ergonomically designed to maximize sightlines and reduce glare for exercisers of various heights.

Rugged Durability

An acrylic protection panel and moisture gasket enhance the life of the TV.

Customize your Equipment

Weekly Workout Goals

Set and monitor weekly goals for calories burned. The motivating calorie meter fills up as you get closer to the goal.

In-Workout Display

A smartphone can be used as a secondary workout display so that you can use the Life Fitness console screen (Discover SE and SI only) solely for entertainment. When the device is turned to landscape view, the LFconnect app switches to a display that includes three distinct dials showing duration, speed and the choice of heart rate, duration, distance, incline/level, distance climbed, Watts or calories.

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